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Jurgen Klopp Wants Mario Balotelli Back to Liverpool

There are many injured players in Liverpool recently, so the strikers in Liverpool are not enough. Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp is contacting with Mario Balotelli's agent, the coach wants to know Balotelli's recent performance. It seems that Klopp wants Mario Balotelli to come back to Liverpool.

Now Mario Balotelli is loaned to AC Milan until the end of the season. Because he scored only one goal after 16 games in the last season. The result is very frustrating. However, due to the lack of strikers in the Liverpool, the team has not a good performance. The coach Jurgen Klopp may wish to recall Balotelli to ease the current embarrassing situation.

But many Liverpool fans are not optimistic about Balotelli's performance on the court if he comes back to the team. Klopp's idea is just a temporary remedial action. It seems that if Liverpool wants to have a good performance, the team has to wait for some time. More related news on our site http://www.imfifa.co/, you can buy cheap FIFA coins here. Welcome.