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Johannes Flum Got Terrible Injury

According to www.imfifa.co, something terrible happened during the training of German Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt. The team's midfielder Johannes Flum and his teammate Slobodan Medojevic bumped into each other while training and their knees had a direct collision. They two fell to the ground at the same time and Flum looked very painful.

From the picture, we can see that Flum's left knee had an obvious hollow. It can only use the world horror to describe it. The team at once called the amnulance. But after the initial treatment and examination, medical personnel decided to direvtly send him to the hospital by helicopter. Because of such a serious injury, he must be discard as useless for this season and his career is also in danger. Medojevic's knee was injured too, and is currently being treated at the training center.

Imfifa consulted a sports medicine expert later. He showed that once serious damage was caused to the cartilage of the knee, Flum's career might go to an end. But if the knee bone can heal, Flum can continue his career. Let's just pray for him and hope he will be better. By the way, click here to buy cheap FIFA coins.