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James Rodriguez Is Degenerating

The game against Real Betis Balompie at his weekend is a chance for Columbia star James Rodriguez to re-enter the starting lineup. According to www.imfifa.co, under the circumstance of Bale's soleus muscle injury and being out for three weeks, Zidane is likely to reuse James Rodriguez.

Zidane must take actions and one of his important jobs is to get James Rodriguez back to his best. Earlier there was news that J Rodriguez was overweight this season, and his fat index reached 13%, which is two times of the normal one, 7%. His body state is also far away from what is required by the club. Zidane is not satisfied with J Rodriguez because the Columbian not only gets fat, but also he is lazy in training and lacks motivation.

In addition to overweight, J Rodriguez's behavior is not liked by the club, either. He's in all the parties.  Even Colombian media pointed out that James Rodriguez is reaping what he has sown. He should be responsible for his ridiculous behavior. By the way, the coupon code 4IMFIFA can be used to buy FIFA coins.