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J Lo missed because of injury Club World Cup

Real Madrid coach carlo ancelotti said in an interview, the team midfielder J because injured, will have a hard time with real Madrid club in the World Cup match. Real Madrid in the league, a 3-0 win over celta vigo 18 in a row, all the uneasy to real Madrid, however, the team owner J was injured in the game, volunteered to be substituted.

Was into the 51st minute, J is difficult to insist on pain sitting on the ground, then demand substitution from the bench to make a gesture. While ancelotti revealed that J is crus muscle injury, it is unclear whether the injury is serious. It is worth mentioning, J represents real Madrid took part in all 21 games this season, scoring nine goals assists eight times, is the real Madrid team "him", looks straight fight fatigue is the most likely cause lead to J was injured.

Carlo ancelotti in when it comes to the injury of J luo said: "I think the mace can't be with us for the club World Cup, he is difficult to quickly recover in a short time."It is reported, J will conduct a comprehensive inspection, to determine the injury recovery time. Club World Cup in 2014 will be held on December 10 ~ 20 in Morocco. But real Madrid club World Cup will be the first game on December 16.

Opponent will be between Mexico blue cross and western Sydney striders winner, final it will be arranged on December 20, in such a short time J want to recover to war, is indeed a difficult thing to do. And real Madrid will be in the league in opponent in valencia, after the New Year in January, in the king's cup and atletico Madrid, carlo ancelotti is obviously more hope J, saying, in order to fit in the best state in the two rival.

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