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Italian media exposure minister Japan coach after the World Cup

From the Italian media reported that alberto zaccheroni will step down Japan coach after the World Cup in Brazil. Zack took over four years ago, a 61 years old Japan, his team won the Asian cup and win in the Brazilian World Cup tickets. If you can complete the Japan football association made the goal of the Brazilian World Cup quarterfinals, italians would retire. Zach left may choose to premier league team, the Chinese team is also one of his choice, and Mexican after javier aguirre is expected to become his successor in Japan.

Alberto zaccheroni is one of the few has coached AC milan, inter milan, Juventus and inter coach, he has led the rossoneri won 1998-99 season's serie a champions. In August 2011, alberto zaccheroni become Japan coach, under his building, mainly technical flow of Japan but also consolidated its supremacy in Asia, would become a and Europe's top teams against Asian giants. First game zack led Japan beat Argentina for the first time in history, the following year and the Asian cup final victory over Australia.

Under the confederations cup in 2013, led by Japan in the group almost over Italy, after friendly against Holland and Belgium are also do not fall in the wind, he also led round won the 2014 World Cup in Brazil in advance ticket. The World Cup quarterfinals Japan football association's goal is, according to sources close to zack, whether or not a goal, the Italian people will choose to leave Japan after the World Cup. The Japan football association has set out to find successors, mexicans javier after javier aguirre could become alberto zaccheroni's successor.

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