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Issue of Black Whistle in FIFA 18

FIFA 18 is still as powerful as before in keeping the ball quite well. Keeping the ball well with back can make fun of the goalkeeper. In most of the confrontation, we can also use the ball to carry out some 1 vs. 2,1 vs. 3 when turning around to break through the defense. This will make it superfluous under some occasions. Flexibility in use of rocker and key mapping is the key.

In addition to some excessive protecting ball, black whistle in FIFA 18 is still a problem. The referee turnS a blind eye to many physical collisions and players tragic on the pitch, such a large penalty scale will make people think "are you blind".

In the restricted area, ​​our players were overly pulled or even knocked down, the referee will indicate the game to go on. Do you want a penalty? No way! And in our defense, some collision because of the interception of the body is often given the opportunity to opponents with free kick.
 This problem is particularly evident in the difficult mode. This rugged deal waysometimes makes people anger on the upside. Here you really have impulse to beat up the referee.

Do you want to give the other party a free kick? Simple! Just pull players a few times. Black whistle is just one, the second is computer opponents Guards operation. If we are just in online war, then there 's no difference. It's very fair for us. When faced with the computer, the balance seems to lose. Not to mention the most difficult, in the standard or relatively high degree difficulty, the computer accurate kick pass and amazing truncation capacity will make people feel a bit too much.

Its cut off is not just simply ahead of the card and all kinds of high-altitude ball priority to determine and that imbalance in the body collision. We sometimes double the team and successfully steals, will only let the other party players a little stumbling, and then get back the ball control. And when we break, sometimes the other side of a thin defensive player can rely on the body to cut off our brawny striker ball, and even people can knock down to the ground to overturn. He continued if nothing had happened.

It can be said that the black whistle and some imbalance in the computer make us experience too less real experience in the game. This is not to say PES 2018 doES the perfect, but the slope is relatively acceptable.

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