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Is it costly to play UT mode

In FIFA, it is unavoidable to mention the UT mode. The influence of the severity of the krypton gold mode in the entire sports category is unparalleled. The XBOX exclusive legend players come back to the full range of the platform. The legendary star career value is divided into three stages, so some people do not know the intention of the subdivision.

EA also take this momentum to launch the gold content "ICON version". Of course, EA not only in the "pumping card" on the continuous improvement, Squad Battle can be said that FIFA 18 few new games are played. This is essentially a single ladder race mode. The renewal cycle is 7 days, but its ladder ranking results match makes this mode be classified in FUT.

In the cycle, players can choose other players to challenge the team. According to the difficulty of the game and the results of the cumulative score, the final settlement will be the corresponding reward in ranking.

It should be noted that this new gameplay is different from other online ladder. First, this is not the game between the players, but to other players team for the lineup single race; second, the number of games is limited, the system will regularly refresh the opponent.

Like Squad Battle, the refinement of the task reward is to keep it sticky. From previous generation FIFA 17 that 17 million physical version of the sales volume, plus the fans of the Krypton contribution point of view. It is difficult to imagine. EA's dedicated service for fans is there.

The sports series can be seen as a fan to the game works, do not expect what will be non-fans players into the pit. As long as the fans to the game's sincerity, you can get a long reputation and economic support. At this point EA strategy and execution is very accurate, but also FIFA rolling the fundamental situation.

Whether it is the story mode or FUT inheritance, EA is trying not to let fans leave without get nothing. If you want to buy FIFA coins, you can buy from us on imfifa.co.