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Is Pogba Really Going to Barcelona

Although selected as the FIFPro World XI, people are focusing on Pogba's signing on a Barcelona Jersey, thinking that is a hint of going to Barcelona. After all, Barcelona has always been interested in him. But Pogba calmly responded this, saying it's not a big deal as he even signed on a Real Madrid Jersey.

As early as in last summer, Barcelona was said to offer extortionate price to bring Pogba from Juventus. But the French chose to stay in Juventus. So Pogba's action of signing today let www.imfifa.co speculated that he was indicating something. But Pogba himself responded that ie didn't mean anything because he also signed on a  Real Madrid Jersey and he hopeed one day his name is qualified to be with such great clubs.

Despite Pogba's strong denial of leaving Juventus, fans from www.imfifa.co are still trying to figure out the picture of Pogba being at the side of Messi and Neymar. By the way, please click here for cheap FIFA 16 coins.