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Introduction of Some Skills in FIFA 17

As we all know, there are many skills in football match. And passing is a very important football technology. It is a link to the sports chain. Passing technology determines the quality of the ball to pass.

In the actual game, there are many factors to decide the quality of passing, such as the direction of the ball and foot controlling, followed by a good time, post moves and so on. Among them, the biggest change is the most difficult to grasp the point. If you want to pass a straight ball, you can use the arch to push or push the instep of the foot. The location of foot contact with the ball must be aimed at the player who are ready to catch. When in the straight pass, pay attention to maintain a certain speed. If the position of the ball is far away from you, to carry a long pass, which is suitable for high rotation ball, then you need to use the arch.

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