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International Ski Federation criticized FIFA selfish

FIFA World Cup in Qatar to prepare formal approval in November-December 2022 was held in order to avoid the searing summer sun. International Ski Federation criticized the decision to host this FIFA Xikasipa other winter sports are selfish.

Despite strong opposition from European clubs, but FIFA and the Winter Olympics in order to avoid conflict, or choose from November to December. But this does not make the International Ski Federation main Xikasipa revisit this issue, he believes FIFA for doing this is not high on concern winter sport is worse.

"FIFA had never listened to other people, like football as well." Casper commented, "They only care about themselves, not others. If the World Cup take place in November-December, the impact on us is huge of. "

"On behalf of winter sports federations and Blatter said this issue, we responded very strongly, but the reaction is almost zero FIFA. FIFA think they are gods, winter sports and they have no relationship."

But Casper admits this is not only Blatter, but a unique cultural differences.

"This is not a human problem Blatter, football does have unusual energy. The only way, perhaps to remind Mr. Blatter, the importance of the rest of the winter sports." To learn more about FIFA News and Buy Fifa 15 Coins from http://www.vipfifacoins.de/