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Inter Milan Want to Sign Pochettino

Imfifa reported that Antonio Conte will not leave Chelsea, Inter Milan may pursue Tottenham coach Pochettino, hoping he can coach the team next season.

Last week, they fired coach Pioli, which is their second time changing coach this season. They have regard Chelsea coach Conte as the first choice, but the Stamford Bridge won the Premier League championship, it seems that he has decided to stay. Inter Milan's boss is now looking at Tottenham coach Pochettino. However, it has some difficulty to take the Argentine away from the Premiership, but Pochettino and Tottenham's contract has a 5 million euros termination of the terms.

At the same time, in order to attract him to join, Inter Milan prepared a salary of 10 million euros contract for him. The club hopes he can rebuild the team and get the Champions League qualification.

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