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In view of the Fifa 14 games

Compared with 13 on the screen and play although no too big luminescent spot, but added a new creative mode of touch, drag and drop the ball moving characters, click the teammate passes, especially in the area with his fingers in a curveball, more let's magic! But the problem still has a lot of new model, and then drag the player moves his fingers basic will block the player, although this mode is automatically the ball, but will affect the whole cooperation. Hope can gradually perfect in the late update.

Most notably game is the player on the court more diversified than before the action, under the goal is more on the playback, multi-angle rotation slowed down, the present moment. This in addition to carrying feeling BGM more into the real-time explanation, this makes the sense more, and support multiple languages such as English, German, Spain.

The FIFA series limit exemption, seems everything is so beautiful. But actually tournament mode, the manager mode and so on all require in order to unlock, overall it is a lot more expensive than the first. But the EA is caring for the children's shoes to open the "passionate" penalty kicks. But want to play in the long run, without spending a penny seems to be impossible.FIFA 14 is not the most innovative in the series of work, it is not like in the previous works require players to repeat some key skills to learn. Those changes would make the FIFA series but the game is much more aggressive, more attractive to us, in a word, give us more strong gaming experience. Even if the live football series has its own style and advantages, but in the gameplay, whether it's an exciting game experience, impeccable performance game, or a longer more playing time, FIFA 14 or more advantage.

In the past did not like the Fifa 14 teams in the demo so vast and wide. Team: the DEMO released eight teams, they are Manchester city, Barcelona, Dortmund, and New York red bulls, spurs, greater Paris, milan, boca juniors. Even the demo to take out full of enthusiasm, let players more looking forward to! 13 before FIFA UT is to use the menu pane of proportional distribution form, feeling like NOKIA, Microsoft series interface, simple and practical, players do not need to use the keyboard or mouse to push back and forth around, on a plane, find oneself want to find the things easily. Fifa 14 is also a puzzle grid, the team's formation and the players be clear at a glance, also makes it easier for players to choose players with formation of consideration, it is

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