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In Barcelona President omar transfer case is accused of fraud

Spanish giants Barcelona team for illegal signing players stepping up heavy penalties by FIFA. After former President sandro rosell due to the transfer of his resignation after Barcelona's current chairman, ba tomei wu again due to transfer of financial fraud in omar, was accused of. Although the maldives as early as 2013 has been move to Barcelona, but about his transfer has always been controversial.

Barcelona has officially announced his transfer fee of 57.1 million euros, but the fans and some social media questioned in the transfer fee of 57.1 million euros, 40 million euros are paid within the omar and his father have company. In former President sandro rosell's resignation, tomei uzziah had held a press conference to clarify this problem. The tomei wu admitted at the news conference, omar do have to pay 40 million euros in the fee for the transfer of his economic and his father have company.

The tomei wu said at the news conference, the club is omar pay a fee in the actual is 86.2 million euros. This pay santos, the club's 57.1 million euros 86.2 million euros including Barcelona (including pay omar and his father owned economy company 40 million euros), 10 million euros 10 million euro signing fees, commissions, in addition to pay 2.5 million euros in maldives foundation, 4 million euros in market operation, 9.9 million euros for the final and club's negotiations and finalising the transfer.

Despite internal transfer fee of omar made clear, but the tomei former chairman wu and Barcelona sandro rosell or was Spain local procuratorate prosecuted for it. In Barcelona has always been a big transfer fee of the outside factors, former President of the club rosell resigned, because this team's image has also been a certain loss.

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