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Imfifa tells you what custom menu is

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Setup and Control: The first row of the first tile, the game can be set up, custom controls, see the game the key bit operation, see the skill to operate, see the celebration, set the game brightness, select players, select the goalkeeper.

FIFA Mall: The first row of the second magnetic stickers, you can buy DLC and season tickets.

Live Set (origin setting): The second row of the first magnetic stickers can be origin (EA) account settings, pairing setting, personal settings, and view the recorded message.

Creation Centre: Management belongs to the FIFA 15 player's catalog.

Archive: The third row of the first tile, select your favorite FIFA 15 team and your opponent (can record up to four), view or read the archive, save or read formation, read the career mode, FIFA 15 tournament mode to read and delete archived.

The editorial team: Local FIFA 15 players can be edited on the teams, which are mainly the players change (transfer or retired), ed.

Create or Edit Player: FIFA 15 players can create or edit a new player and a FIFA 15 team arranged for him to them, you can edit the player's appearance, clothing and so on.

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