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Imfifa tell you about Cristiano Ronaldo Weimian global top scorer

In 2014 is undoubtedly lucky year, cristiano ronaldo played for real Madrid won four trophies, but also become the top scorer with 61 goals. Cristiano ronaldo scored 61 goals in 2014, including 56 club goals and five international goal. 56 goals in the club, including 38 league goals, 13 in the champions league goals, three king's cup and two club World Cup scoring.

Data in a single game, cristiano ronaldo played only four at a time, is in the league game against elche, there are also three hat-trick and 11 a brace. In 2013, ronaldo has scored 69 goals, with huge advantage as the best striker in the annual Lionel messi is reached 24 goals ahead.

This year even less than last year, scoring eight goals, but the Portuguese, is still an annual list of the world's top scorer of the second messi won 58 goals throughout the year, behind cristiano ronaldo scored three goals. Came in third place was in front of the club Barcelona B salzburg center soriano, he scored 40 goals in total.Be worth what carry is, soriano annual averaging scored 1.05 in 2014, he was the only player efficiency higher than cristiano ronaldo, cristiano ronaldo is averaging 1.01 goals.

Real Madrid star cristiano ronaldo in the coming year make ambition, he look forward to a better job in 2015, with real Madrid to win "all crown"." I hope we will do better in 2015, now has a strong enough motivation and support us as much as possible in 2015 won the championship trophy, this is our dream. Real Madrid is always a hot team won the championship trophy, let's try to win all of the championship trophy."Ronaldo said.

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