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Imfifa tell you Best goal players robin van persie

Best goal list was released, fans responded very warm, it seems the Internet the most is the diving header robin van persie, and won the World Cup goal J, was accidentally despises. Many fans believe that J lo should not even make the top three. In fact, the goal of the World Cup winners have included a J and robin van persie, FIFA backed J lo later won the award, also caused a stir in the fans at the time, this time for robin van persie "on-going" to become more upsurges.

Fans is generally believed that, no matter from the goal difficulty, goal of beauty or importance, robin van persie scored above all in J. A fans are professionally, points out that van persie was very embarrassed, pass is not high not low, Spain goalkeeper iker casillas stance is also very good, he didn't adjust time, ordinary header is easy to goalkeeper saved again. Electric sparks between van persie made the right choice, with a long header clipped breached the door on Spain.

In contrast, many fans think J's goal scoring too ordinary, although the ball into the brilliantly, but not too much surprise. "80 meters long shots, J, this is too general. "Others believe that the American big alliance SangWeiZuo scissors leg shot more than J's goal in difficulty, degree of wonderful also. "Pretty vanpie" even said that J's goal should not make the top three.

In addition to robin van persie's diving header and J goal scoring, also have fans on last year's best goal award ibrahimovic scored his heel. There are fans on the Internet that look from the technology and difficulty of zlatan ibrahimovic's goal difficulty is greater, because zlatan ibrahimovic shots is back to goal, and then there are two other players on his tight defense; Van persie was his goal, and hadn't been close-fitting interference.

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