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Imfifa tell you About cristiano ronaldos penalty

Barcelona's "MSN" trident played popular in 2015, and real performance and not rule related to the striker dismal performance. Bell, cristiano ronaldo and karim benzema three strikers over the past two months it is difficult to keep a stable output, the welsh winger and French misfiring in the front, but cristiano ronaldo scored on penalty kicks in, a bit embarrassing for real Madrid striker. The 51st minute, when cristiano ronaldo penalty area to prepare capped by submarine defender Erie slam, the referee penalty decision.

Slow motion according to the yili right hand embrace cristiano ronaldo the waist, then saw his overflowing shape, simply hands down, so the referee just called a penalty penalty without controversy. La liga season the referee on the questions about the penalty caused dissatisfaction with the Catalan media, so far, the Milky Way battleship cumulative received 10 penalty in the premiership in the west ligue 1, and 6 atletico Madrid, malaga, sevilla won a penalty; 5 times get penalty of deportivo la coruna and four penalty celta, valencia, almeria, elche and levante were also in only 3 penalty to Barcelona.

But in the face of their manufacturing penalty, cristiano ronaldo or easily hit, in the run-up, shape to see each other goalkeeper left to save action in advance, real Madrid striker simply to kick the ball to the right. Although macy's top scorer in the league to tighten the chasing cristiano ronaldo, but the theory of penalty on the grasp of Lionel messi or worse than shape, just in the champions league game against Manchester city, little flea missed a penalty, and a penalty kick for 10 times in the past, Lionel messi missed five, six times this season, taking only made 3 times.

Cristiano ronaldo's penalty in the league, scoring efficiency is very stable, recently made a penalty kick for 15 times, since joining real Madrid, ronaldo has scored 45 penalty in la liga, the data is also he tied the record of Coleman, become the second league history to score penalty more players, now scored 56 penalty after Hugo sanchez.

Success after the opening goal for real Madrid, ronaldo was also put an end to the last day of the 85 home league goal drought, the Portuguese striker last time at home in the league scoring back on December 7, 2014, against celta, after cristiano ronaldo in eight league games at home three times, but failed to score.

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