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Imfifa talk about Fifa 15 practical playing skills

1. Send the ball across the border to block the ball players hold down CTRL LB LS team

2. Straight overhead straight ball don't hold the RT

3. Once saw the ball to violent or feel unable to control the football itself, then immediately press LT for stability

4. If the other one up and fighting, then back to the other players move and then pay attention to the other party, once each other out in a direction acceleration, feet, immediately the LT release button or press the RT to against the steering wheel

5. This generation of fake shot as BUG finally and 13

6. Harvey type straight knife type control players as far as possible don't in the running state

7. To learn the most practical marseille Even if no goal can also give each other a lot of pressure

8. High rate of spectacular goal on rainy days

9. Across the goalkeeper is Kathy's long shots!!!!!

10. Defense control your lower back when standing on the possible solution Then on the other side before the ball holding RB let teammates help immediately

11. Once behind a defensive player in the other side dish the ball Once you decide to accelerate and torn clothes You'll burst fell to the ground

12. The goalkeeper by Y dropped the ball by RB picked up the ball in his hand

13. Automatic substitution had better use RS control

14. LT key in the process of slow with suddenly to RT button again

15. When sending backcourt free-kick opponents have been blocking the ball near the player you try press LT key

16. In the absence of a mashup, CB best put on the left side of his left foot, right foot CB best put on the right

17 offensive to fine, defense to rough!

18. Serve a goal kick, opponents KanSi catch CB and lower back? If it is in a small area on the left to serve as the Angle of view to the left slightly press long keys

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