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International federation of football history and statistics (IFFHS) released 2014 club coach of the year awards as a result, real Madrid coach carlo ancelotti was elected the best, simone ranked second, pep guardiola and mourinho separated three or four. In 2014, carlo ancelotti led real Madrid has been a huge success, the Milky Way battleship reaped team history 10 champions league big ear cup, at the same time, the king's cup, European super cup and club World Cup champion.

In his first season at real Madrid, carlo ancelotti will achieve such honor, to say the italians was elected with 2014 year's best club coach called, in the selection, he won the 169 points, up to 30 points ahead of simone. Simone in led atletico Madrid seized the la liga title last season, at the same time sheets legion into the champions league final, and won the runner-up, therefore, the Argentine's coaching ability also got certain, ranked second in the list.

Bayern coach pep guardiola won third prize, mourinho won 4, and 5-10 were merry, Manuel pellegrini, Mr. Klopp, conte, Ronald koeman and rudi Garcia. The annual club manager may need:

1. Carlo ancelotti (real Madrid) 169 points

2. Simone (atletico Madrid) 139 points

3. Guardiola (bayern Munich) 76 points

4. Mourinho (Chelsea) 15 points

5. Mr Merry (sevilla) 11 points

6. Manuel pellegrini (Manchester city) 8 points

7. Mr. Klopp (more) 7 points

8. Conti (Juventus) 6 points

9. Ronald koeman (feyenoord/Southampton) 3 points

10. Garcia (roma) 2 points

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