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Imfifa got the news that Helter talked with Di Matteo about transfer

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Fifa 15 staff Schalke sporting director Helter recently in an interview revealed that he has had discussions with Fifa 15 coach Helter signings related issues, but in this issue before deciding the final green light, there are some Fifa 15 coins issues they need to deal with.

In an interview, Helter said: "Of course we thought about the signings of the problem, but now there are several outstanding issues to be resolved, such as when are we going to get out from imfifa the injury crisis who and balls? Fifa 15 team went to Qatar Winter? Of course there is, we can enter the Champions League knockout? "

Meanwhile, Fifa 15 coach Helter also confirmed Milan midfielder Fifa 15 player Boateng is currently receiving treatment: "We plan to temporarily put him in the Fifa 15 game list, he is now being carried out ankle treatment, will spend some time in Milan."