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Imfifa explains about Fifa 15 UT mode

FIFA 15 as this year's World Cup after the first football game, is the upcoming sports games is very popular. Under the background of nowadays live football series into the trough, FIFA players become the absolute mainstream audience. A generation ago FIFA 14 on the console and PC platform adopt different engines, lead to the optimization of the PC version is not ideal, but this generation of FIFA will have 15 PC version and age host PS4, Xbox as One of the engine and all functions, PC gamer can finally experience the strongest game picture.

FIFA 15 now on EA's Origin platform released a demo, the EA values according to ability to 15 UT FIFA ultimate team is divided into three categories: namely, the Gold card Gold, the Silver card Silver and Bronze Bronze three gears. Each leg card and subdivided into flash card or card. So in general player card, a total of 6 kinds of common card. Because the player card market supply is very few, therefore has a great appreciation of space. According to the reality of league results from all over the world every week, UT official will give a best lineup this week, containing the main and backup. UK time commonly published every Wednesday night.

State of players in the squad is better, will get special black card, there will be a reward ability raise. The position will also may be adjusted according to actual situation. In addition to legendary CARDS and other card only can extract in the week, so the quantity of card is very low and has a great collection value. Usually, vladimir putin, copper, silver not both, flashing silver card amount is very low, if a player card flash silver, the player has a very good account, and excellent ability, prices are high. Special player card: prices are often more than tens of thousands of, of course, there are some very poor black card and QS.

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