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Imfifa also Worried about the Marriage of Beckham

Recently, www.imfifa.co/ media broke the news that Beckham and Victoria may divorce. They didnot announce it just because of the fate of their four children. Will the blessed couple step Kaka and Cards Rowling's footsteps?

The news is so abrupt, so please let me calm down first. How happy once the family was! Handsome Beckham and sexy hot-mom Victoria was born of a couple with a couple feel. However, they even were burst divorce, which let the world shocked! There are a large number of people estimated to have cried to faint in the toilet, and declaration of no longer believe in love will start beating up on the screen! Just great number of media broke the news that David Beckham and Victoria's 16 years of FIFA Coins marriage has come to an end!

Some Internet users gave out gossip magazines shots, saying that the relationship between David Beckham and Victoria has long cracks. "if not for the children, they might have broken up a few years ago ," The "loving couple" we have seen was just to protect their "perfect marriage" reputation.