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Imfifa Thinks Manchester City Should Renew Contract with Yaya Toure

Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure's agent expresses that if gets no new contract, then the star will seek a transfer. Yaya toure and Manchester City has one year left on his contract, Manchester City in the summer must decide whether to give him a new contract.

But yayatoure's agent apparently can't wait. If Manchester City next week will not solve the problem, then his client will move to other teams. But if he left city, he certainly wouldn't be happy to play for another England club. Manchester City fans love Yaya, he also love them. He doesn't want to play against Manchester City for another England club. He was not just for money when he came to Manchester City. They have previously received a super team Jiangsu Suning quotation, who is willing to pay Yaya Toure more than 2000 million pounds a year, but the midfielder doesn't want to go to China to play.

For Manchester Yaya has made a lot of contribution, his worth is high. He proves that he is one of the most cost-effective players. So imfifa.co thinks that if Manchester really wants him, sign a new contract as soon as possible. And if you need cheap and fast FIFA coins, please feel free to contact us.