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Imfifa Think Arsenal Close to Sign Granit Xhaka

The latest FIFA news from imfifa where sell the cheapest and fastest FIFA 16 coins that Arsenal is close to sign Borussia Monchengladbach star Granit Xhaka.

Although the two clubs still have controversial issues in the Swiss footballer's worth, Borussia Monchengladbach is ready to accept Xhaka's leave. The two teams are expected to reach a compromise about this transfer, imfifa also think the footballer will join the Gunners. Xhaka is 23 years old, but he has good football skills.

He has good abilities of offensive and defensive. His passing rate can rank second in the team this season and he is also good at tackles and interceptions. As Arsenal will have a big change about the midfield position this summer, they have to introduce good midfielders. Xhaka is a good candidate for the Gunners. If the Swiss midfielder can join Arsenal, he is expected to occupy an important position in the team.