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Imfifa Shares The Largest 300 Square Meters Mural of Messi Came Out

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In just three days, Messi broke the history of La Liga and the Champions League scoring record with two hat-tricks. After a hat-trick, Messi usually collected favorite game ball, while these two certainly no exception. But these two hat-trick have more special meaning that his teammates have signed on the ball with the blessings of the Messi.

In Argentina, Messi is still very excited to the fellow. In Boca district Buenos Aires, the largest mural in the history of Macy now released. This surface is 300 square meters of murals painted on the side of the outside wall. In addition to bricks, even glass have been painted color. Once the people inside open the windows, murals will appear black.

Chanar is a small town in Argentina Turkmenistan. After the World Cup, this town has changed a lot of road names to new names Argentina international, in recognition of their outstanding performance in the World Cup. Marca has released a picture, Messi Road and Javier Mascherano Road formed a crossroads, then the names of Barcelona two core point in different directions.

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