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Imfifa Shares Real Madrid Each Person Obtained 700k Bonus and Crown Gold Watch

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Since Florentino becoming the Real Madrid president in 2000, he completely changed Whites in the economy. Before Florentino on the stage, Real Madrid debt trapped in the economic crisis. Now, Real Madrid is one of the world's highest-paid sports clubs. According to the "World Sports Daily", it reported that Real Madrid players have got the crown last season and won prize money - € 700,000 per person.

In the mid-season, Real Madrid captain had finalized the bonus amount with club executives. If win the Champions League, then each person will get € 600,000. If win the King's Cup, then the bonus amount is € 100,000 per person. Today, Real Madrid executives have fulfilled this huge bonuses.

Only a bonus? This is not enough. According to "Marca", it reported that Real Madrid also provided gifts that a gold watch worth 30,000 euros for each person ahead of the Christmas. The dial is crafted from 18K gold, with alligator strap made. In the back of the dial, it engraved with the words "2014 Champions League". Real Madrid is the first team winning team 10 times in the history of the Champions League. Florentino had given financial rewards to the players.

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