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Imfifa Shares Messi VS Two Ronaldo Generations

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In Catalan derby yesterday, Messi scored a hat trick, and became the top scorer in the history of the Catalan derby with 12 goals. The hat-trick also makes the total number of goals in Messi career beyond the former Barcelona seniors Ronaldo! Romania is one of the big hall level parted in the history of football, but Messi has completed beyond this alien.

Messi scored beyond the large Lo, and also after the Spanish C Lo arrived in 2009, Messi scored more than the number of Portuguese in the past five years. C Lo played hat-trick game against Celta, to reach 200 goals in La Liga five years. But after one day, Messi played the same hat-trick, overtaking two goals than C Lo with five years of terror Guards 202 balls.

Similarly, Messi the penalty count was far behind C Lo. In 2009 C Ronaldo joined Real Madrid, and he played a total of 46 penalties scored and 43 goals in the last five and a half seasons in the league. And this year, Messi played a total of 28 penalties and scored 25. Whether it is in the penalty kicks or in number, Messi was behind C Ronaldo with full 18 balls.

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