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Imfifa Shares Manchester United Loyal Fans Receive Number 1945 Jersey

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Christmas as the Western world's most important festival is approaching, the Premier League's big clubs are to send blessings before the festival for their respective teams fans. Manchester United is certainly no exception. According to British media "Daily Mail" message, a fan named Fink from 1945 to 69 consecutive years have bought Manchester United season tickets. In recognition of his loyalty to the Red Devils, Manchester United legend Robson brought a number 1945 jersey especially for him.

It is reported that Fink is the team's longest fan on the history of the club who had purchased season tickets. From the beginning of 1945, Fink did not miss a Manchester United season ticket. For such a loyal team fan, the Red Devils club was moved to express respect for Fink. Manchester United legend Robson gave Fink a Manchester United jersey 1945 number before Christmas.

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