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Imfifa Shares Manchester United Hired Chefs to Teach Healthy Dish

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To create a great team is not a good coach or a group of good players on the line. There are many details to be perfect. Manchester United is so typical. In order to help young players Luke Shaw, Jianuzhayi live better, clubs deliberately hired chefs to teach them to cook.

Professional football is the rice bowl of youth. In order to do the job, in addition to hard training, players but also need to keep your body, especially to a healthy diet. Many professional clubs will be on the arm of the players strictly controlled diet, to get them as far as possible with a healthy body to face the large amount of training and competition.

This Christmas, Van Gaal gave the team a day off, but Luke Shaw, Gunuzhayi and other young people were afraid not to go out to dinner. Because they need to learn to cook in their own kitchen. They do not have to learn according to recipes, but it was taught. "Daily Mail" quoted "The Sun" the source said, the club hired a chef specifically, into the family of these young people, to teach cooking and ingredients ready.

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