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Imfifa Shares Huang’s Review on Messi

After the match between Real Madird and Barcelo, many FCB fans are blaming Messi for he made Real Madrid lose the game. We imfifa just want to say it is a pity to lose the game, but we should believe Messi has tried his best. Just as what a commenter said Messi was just a team player rather than the epochal character who can change trend

Huang Jianxiang in Weibo, said: "when small white Harvey was on longer once couragous, when he was behind without Carles Puyol, where is Messi? So, Messi is depending on the system, of course, he also completed Barcelona the most critical piece of the puzzle perfectly, making achievements with each other. But for me, an old men who have ever seen Maradona Zico Falcao age: Lionel Messi is not decided to play the character of change trend. Even Juan Roman Riquelme is scarce. Today, it's not Messi's fault, but time." Huang Jianxiang caused a stir that Barca fans are aggrieved. Later, Huang had added: "Systematic football rules the time. Real Madrid won yesterday was also system’s victory. One of the most obvious disproof is: if you see the game last night, you will find that Messi including Barcelona and others did not seem to fight. It is not they don't want to fight, but when the system efficiency decline seriously, each of these links are unable to operate independently even cannot fight.

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