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Imfifa Shares Football Genius Messi

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Messi has a talent, while C Lo was training hard, Henry once said. Messi has pointed out many times, he now kicking and kicking when was a child in the street is no different, which means that since his childhood he would have a perfect sense of the ball.

When Messi began kick, all the Japanese guests seemed very nervous. Messi first slowly stir up the ball, kick the ball and then remove to the high altitude. Messi kicked the ball, just over 18 meters high crossbar. With extremely superb footwork, Messi completed the first challenge.

At the same time the ball out of the sky, Messi rushed in front to accurately predict the ball placement. Speed ball fall from 18 meters altitude. Messi judgment was extremely accurate on placement. He did not let the ball fall, but legs continue to top the ball up. Guests seemed extremely surprised. Messi's ball feel is too amazing.

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