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Imfifa Shares FIFA15 FAQs Solutions

1. FIFA15 mobile version of the client can be run in what kind of operating environment?

- IOS System: iOS 6.0 + or iPhone 4

- Android System: Android 4.1 +

- Windows Phone 8: 8.0 +

2. I've played FUT14, why I can not log in the Web version of FUT?

You are required prior to August 1, 2014 to create FUT 14, otherwise it is unable to enter the game.

3. Why do I get rewarded with others is not the same?

- All the "old customers" will be subject to different rewards, you get this award based on the FUT 14 results. All rewards can be collected in the "My Card Kit".

- Daily gift packages are randomly issued.

4. Is FUT 15 safe?

EA said that it is safe, you need to create a secure password before proceeding game. Specific details, see: How to ensure your account security FUT article.

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