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Imfifa Shares Eurosport Comment 10 Players under 23 in World Football

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Recently, the authority of the media Eurosport named the world's top 10 football players under 23 (born after January 1, 1992). Neymar topped the list. Winner of four Golden Isco, Borg Pakistan and Stirling also nominated.

Neymar is less than 23 years old, but he has become the best player on the planet. In recent years, he has gained a Golden Globe nomination. And in the Brazilian national team, he is the leader to help the team into 42 balls in the 60 games, before becoming Brazil's the No. 5 scorer in history.

After temper at Juventus, Boge Ba has become one of the best midfielders in Europe. He is regarded as the cornerstone of the future at Juventus. While in the French national team Boge Ba also established a core position. Boge Ba is expected to shine 2016 French European Cup.

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