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Imfifa Shares C Lo Scoring More Goals Can Help Him Win Golden Globe

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From the new season has started so far, the Portuguese star C Ronaldo struck the first blow, and scored 28 goals in all competitions. He is currently the big hit to get FIFA Golden Globe this year. According to the "goal network" message, when in the "Sky Sports" interview, the German legend Lothar Matthaus believes C Lo's performance should be able to beat Messi to win the Golden Globe, and he also satirized Messi that the World Cup Golden Globe Award is just a "gift."

Mateus said in the "Sky Sports" interview, "I personally worry about that C Ronaldo will win this year's Golden Globes, whose scoring efficiency is unique and who created a new scoring record. In general, the World Cup should be the most important consideration, but the C Lo's goals will beat other considerations. I think he'll be winning popular, because he will bring us to enjoy for each week. "

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