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Imfifa Shares Berry Opinoin that Golden Globes Is Political Intrigue

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Following after Pepe and Coentrao, Abel Figueroa attack Platini for C Luo. "Golden Globe not to C Lo is a shame," Pepe said this position recently. The support for German award-winning Platini was sent a "ridiculous" word as a comment from Coentrao. Today, Abel Figueroa also joined the ranks of the siege of Platini. Franck Ribery pointed out that he was worried that there will be someone to play politics this year's Golden Globe Award.

FIFA postponed ball cut ticket last year, which ultimately makes the C winner. For this, Franck Ribery has long been well aware of, "When I saw C Ronaldo and Blatter hug and C Luo family have come, I will know the results. I'm not a fool. Obviously, C Luo won the prize. If you can not award it, not one family will in the Golden Globe ceremony. I learned a lot. I told my wife I would not award when attended".

For this year's Golden Globes, Ribery fear FIFA to preserve C Lo again, “the Golden Globe does not select the best players, all playing politics. Why Cannavaro winning in 2006 because he won the World Cup. According to this standard, this year is to Robben or Noelle. Noelle won everything, but he was not arrogant. Robben had incredible performance in Bayern, and the World Cup is the dream level. However, I fear that some people want to play politics. I'm not jealous, because the Golden Globes did not make any sense to me. "

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