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Imfifa Shares Barcelona Renewal

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Barcelona's official website officially announced that renewal the contract of 19 years old Spanish international Mounir to 2017, liquidated damages of 35 million euros.

As a young Champions League Golden Boot last season, Munir was promoted by Enrique to Barcelona team this season. During Suarez suspended, Munir became Barcelona the first standing Trident. In the game against Elche, Munir scored 1 goal first for the first time team debut, made the perfect start stunning the audience.

Because Munir has dual citizenship in Morocco and Spain, in order to prevent the outflow of the demon child, Spain coach Vicente del Bosque enrolled him in a Spanish adult national team and sent him into European qualification battle against Macedonia.

After Suarez comeback, Munir caught in the dilemma, playing time dropped and the development momentum suspended. Currently he has only scored a goal within 14 times in La Liga. However, in the case of Barcelona transfer is prohibited, young Munir will get a lot of playing time.

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