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Imfifa Shares Barcelona Four Players Striving for Baltra

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Who is the largest brand star of Barca squad? Presumably this issue not much suspense, the vast majority of people would choose Argentina star Lionel Messi. But Neymar, Rakitic, Alves and Adriano seems to have "alternative answers". According to Daily Sports Newspaper, the four fight Baltra jersey. Such a "showy" approach of course is a very conducive atmosphere within the team Barcelona.

Generally on the court, or on the road between the hotel to the bus, there often are fans waved placards or posters, hoping to get a signature or idol shirts. While several Barca players have to follow as the fans when the back groupies. When they leave the stadium, Neymar, Rakitic, Alves and Adriano lifted a four-poster that read "Idol Baltra, please give your jersey to me! "

In the "worship" after Baltra, the four players will invariably pictured on face book, indeed once again maintained a high degree of consistency. And Neymar continue quipped, "a wonderful victory, please give me your jersey ah, my idol Baltra, ha ha ha. "

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