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Imfifa Reports Manchester United vs Club Brugge

Manchester United firstly matches Club Brugge this Champions League. iMfifa reports, Manchester United were harvested victory during the two games of the new season, and scored two game winning streak. The scores are both 1-0 and the offensive end is slightly weak. Manchester United have once made large actions in the transfer market, spending huge sums of money on the introduction of several frontcourt players to replace General Fan and other old players. So they achieved a big shake-up. However, it seemd that the forward line was not so awesome in the next two games.

Brugge have made 2 wins, 1 draw and i lose in Bijia league, which was not a good state. While they made the cut in the two games of Fifa 16 Coins Champions League with a total score of 4 to 2. And the guest was defeated 1 to 2. Road games have certain impact on the players, so they probably have less chance to win against Manchester United who have stronger strength.