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Imfifa Posts Balotelli Appreciate Stirling

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Imfifa reports, Balotelli has demonstrated his maverick side, after Stirling scored his first goal in Manchester, Balotelli express his support to Sterling on social media.

Aftert Manchester beat Roma in the international Champions Cup, Balotelli issued a tweet, which read: "Well done @ sterling31 best debut !continues."

Later on, he also published a tweet that Liverpool fans should continue to support Sterling. "Liverpool fans are disappointed, but I hope @ sterling31 can continue to show the best of himself, because he deserves it all. He is a great young man, very talented, please support him as you did in the past. He has given everything to this club and have great respect for it, so I am very sad to see it all .YNWA! Liverpool will always be a family. "Balotelli wrote.

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