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Imfifa Posted FIFA World Cup Agreed to Publish the Bid Investigation Report

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At its meeting held on Morocco, FIFA Executive Committee agreed to the "proper way" public inquiry report by the US attorney Garcia, and FIFA President Sepp Blatter reiterated that Russia and Qatar World Cup will be held as scheduled.

Although the FIFA Executive Committee agreed to the release of US attorneys, ethics investigators - Michael Garcia up to 430 of the report, but they must first deal with the charges against the three former executive committee, which may take up to several years. Garcia resigned on Wednesday because FIFA refused to release the full survey report to Russia and Qatar World Cup bid process. He believes there is a serious problem at the time of the two World Cup bid.

The Audit Committee is also in charge of FIFA Scala adhere to the "proper form" public reports Bucharest, not publish the name of the owner and other details, which FIFA Executive Committee agreed. FIFA vice-president from Northern Ireland - Jim Boyce welcomed: "I'm glad that the FIFA Executive Committee agreed to publish the investigation report without votes,indicating that FIFA have indeed required transparency, the sooner the better. . "

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