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Imfifa Discovered Messi Averaging Run Least but Fastest

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Messi was crowned football walking emperor for a lot of years. Today, the "Marca" summed up Barca running data before the winter break. Messi running distance averaging 8,000 meters is the least of the Barcelona squad! Barcelona Walking emperor is really none other than Messi.

Messi averaged just 8000 meters running in Barcelona squad. Flea’s investment in defense is not much and often watched the other crossing his side. In the attack, Messi was able to down the impact of the opponent defense as fast as the Tigers. Static be like the child and moving be like the rabbits, which are the most appropriate words to describe offensive and defensive ends of Messi.

Barcelona Sergio thought that Messi "walk" is not lazy, but a reasonable allocation of physical fitness. "Messi has natural speed, low center of gravity, and the full power." Sergio stated, "As long as he can score assists, averaging run 8000 meters is not a bad thing, indicating that he was gathering strength." So far this season, Barcelona 75% goal to break the deadlock both from Messi's goal or assists.

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