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Imfifa Discoverd C Lo Elected the Best Athlete BBC Overseas Year

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Barcelona's draw made Real Madrid locked winter champions in advance. The Whites now arrived in Morocco. What Real Madrid made Almeria lose morale this round really is C Lo scored twice shortly before the whistle. So far this season, C Lo has scored 25 goals in La Liga, while Barcelona MSN Trident scored only 24 goals. Messi and Neymar scored 13 goals and 11 goals respectively, while Suarez not even openedin the league.

In the league, C scored 25 goals in 14 appearances, averaging 1.79 goals. Including the Cup, C Lo scored 32 goals in 23 games this season,, averaging 1.39 goals. Both the two efficiency are Portuguese career highs. C Ronaldo scored a total of 285 goals for Real Madrid, and in the history of the third striker Santillana scored 288 goals. Santillana for Real Madrid played 17 seasons, C Lo kicked it only within 5 and a half years.

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