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Imfifa Confirms that FIFA 18 Switch Version will not Provide Demo

Recently, EA has confirmed to foreign media, its classic football game FIFA 18 demo version will not visit the Nintendo Switch platform. This is not a good news for those who want to experience the portable FIFA 18 on the Switch.

EA announced the news in foreign websites and forums. It caused some users to talk about, imfifa also pake apart in the discussion. There are some users said that this is in a different treatment. While the other part of the users said that they guessed early right that there was no the demo version. It is actually in expected.

The current mainstream argument is because the FIFA 18 Switch version is not using the other platform version of the frost engine, but based on FIFA 16 code custom engine, it is not good for such a separate game to provide the test play version.

In any case, in the PS4, XBOX ONE, PC platform FIFA 18 has launched demo now, Switch can only be staring at the game officially on sale. FIFA 18 will be officially on sale on September 29.

FIFA 18 will join the well-known e-sports team uniforms, including Fnatic, Team Liquid and Team Vitality, players will be in the Ultimate Team mode to use these special jerseys.

The FIFA 18 has benefited from EA's recent efforts in e-sports, and EA has been driving FIFA series games over the past year. They have been working with FIFA. As well as a number of national league races for cooperation.

Fnatic jersey and Serie A team Rome's team emblem because the two sides had a previous cooperation in the gaming, the two sides jointly set up a FIFA clan. Team Vitality's jersey is also printed with Adidas LOGO.

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