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Imfifa Announced Naples Winning the Super Bowl after 24 Years

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In the Italian Super Cup stadium, three-peat is hard to match. During the last 26 years, the one can only create so Albert is the 1990s heyday of the dynasty of Milan. Juve missed opportunity of three consecutive years. Naples has become a winner after 24 years, winning the Super Cup.

For Naples, this win is commendable. The team played a total of three times the Italian Super Cup in the history, and got a championship team in 1990 at Maradona. At that time, the team with the score 5-1 home swept Baggio Juventus. After a lapse of 22 years, when Naples into the Super Bowl but lost to Juventus in overtime, beating Juventus two years later, the Blues also considered Serie revenge.

Over the past 26 sessions of the Italian Super Cup, the league winning title 20 times, got a total of six Cup wins. Napoli's victory proved the Cup is not any punches, has become the first team boarded the Italian Super Cup Throne Cup in 2009 after Lazio (2-1 win over Inter Milan).

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