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Imfifa Also Wonders Who Will be the Final Winner

In recent years, FIFA Coins players of the Barcelona Real Madrid have monopolized the Golden Globes. Other players can do nothing but slaver. Everyone knows the Barcelona Real Madrid have the world's top two forwards Messi and C Ronaldo. The latest top three European Footballer have been released and Messi, C Ronaldo, Suarez have passed.

There is no doubt that Messi and C Ronaldo are on the list. As the Imfifa top scorer,Messi had ever been the Golden Globe winner for four yaers and on the list every year recently. During the Last season,he led Barcelona to take the Triple Crown,whose feat is needless to say. While C Ronaldo was the Golden Globe winner in the past two years. He maintained his style of crazy attack in the last season and score the most goals among the three candidates. And Suarez,as the first card of Barcelona transfer last year, had been suspended for four months by FIFA. However, he quickly show the fiery state after his comeback. The Champions League have a total of 25 goals and 24 assists at the Spanish King's Cup, in which Suarez had made great credit.

Each one is so excellent, but who will be the final winner? Let's wait and see! Wanna more details and the latest news, please don't have your eyes off our site http://www.imfifa.co/.