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Ibrahimovic the Highest Salary in Premier League

Here comes the news that Ibrahimovic will officially sign with Manchester United on Tuesday (June 7). Of course, this is just people's guess as Ibrahimovic just said that on 7th, there would be a piece of big news to be announced. Even though, Manchester United fans cannot help thinking about it.

After Ibrahimovic determined to leave Paris Saint-Germain year, there are a wide variety of speculations about his future. Italy, AC Milan, Inter, Juventus and even Napoli may become his next home. Somes others said he was going to China and a CSL team offered him the contract of 2 years for 53 million pounds. However, more cases are that Ibrahimovic will follow Mourinho to Manchester United.

In order to sign with Manchester United in advance, Ibrahimovic may lose 4 million pounds. In the contract with Paris Saint-Germain, if he doesn't sign any other team before June 30, he can receive a £ 4 million loyalty bonus. Of course, Ibrahimovic will get compensation from Manchester United. His weekly pay is up to 300,000 pounds, which is the Premier League's highest paid player.

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