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Ibrahimovic Will Be Given a New Contract

Joined Manchester United as a free agent, the Swedish striker is  Mourinho's first striker now. Although 35 years old, Ibrahimovic is still one of the best strikers. Imfifa said Manchester United want to renew with Ibrahimovic for two years, which is enough to see his outstanding.

So far this season, Ibrahimovic have scored 19 goals for Manchester United, including 14 league goals. Ibrahimovic also tied the shooter leader Sanchez and Costa. Now no one has questioned Ibrahimovic's age and performance.

Last summer Ibrahimovic and Manchester United signed a 1 + 1 contract, Mourinho has determined to activate his renewal term. Ibrahimovic's excellent performance made Manchester United give a more sincere offer. Manchester United are willing to give Ibrahimovic a two-year contract to ensure that he can stay in the team to 2019, when Ibrahimovic would have been 37 years old.

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