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Ibrahimovic Still Has Amazing Performance

In accordance with the common sense of competitive sports, a player in the 30 years of age the body function will inevitably decline, data and performance will appear gradually lower. But this seems to be not applicable for Ibrahimovic.

Ibrahimovic's goal data after 30 years of age is more powerful than before. Before the 30th birthday, Ibrahimovic participated in the event totaled 529 games, and he scored a total of 232 goals. And after the 30th birthday, Ibrahimovic so far played 300 games, scored 246 goals.

So far this season, Ibrahimovic have scored 24 goals for Manchester United, the total number of goals is the highest among the Premier League players. The most urgent task of Manchester United is to deal with Ibrahimovic's renewal issue. Ibrahimovic and the team signed a 1 +1 contract, although Manchester United has decided to activate the terms of the renewal, but all not yet finalized.

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