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Ibrahimovic Registered as a Search Site

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Ibrahimovic commonly brings one and one incredible goal to stimulate fans nerve. In the world, Ibrahimovic has a great visibility. According to the French media Equipe the news, recently a company called SweetPop spotted Ibrahimovic’s super popular, and used his name to register a domain name of search engine. The users can view all the relevant information about Ibrahimovic in Search.

This SweetPop company's founder, also "Ibrahimovic" Search planner Shinkichiro Del makes a brief description of the search engine. The search engine associated with Google each other, but the different from Google is that when "Ibrahim" keyword search, all contents are related with Ibrahimovic. Del Shinkichiro also specifically cited several examples.

It is reported that "Ibrahim" search operations since the beginning of last Thursday, traffic has more than 10 million times. If this search for hot up, it is believed that "Messi" search and "C Ronaldo" Search will also come out in the near future.

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