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Ibrahimovic May Continue Playing For Manchester United

Ibrahimovic is now a free agent. When the people asked about his future, Ibrahimovic said that there would be a big announcement! Imfifa that Ibrahimovic and Manchester United may continue cooperation.

Mourinho is trying to let Manchester United vacate the salary space for Ibrahimo. Ibrahimovic in April got knee injury, it is expected that he will recover in January next year, but his physical quality is amazing, he can recover in October this year. Of course, Manchester United now has a competitor, the US Major League team Los Angeles Galaxy also hope to get Ibrahimovic, they give Ibrahimovic an annual salary of 6 million pounds contract.

The past 16/17 season, Ibrahimovic played 46 times for Manchester United, scored 28 goals. He is well-deserved number one hero for Manchester United. If Ibrahimovic really can be healthy in October, for Manchester United, he will undoubtedly greatly enhance their strength.

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